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Ben @ Firefly

Recap: #Firefly2015 Day 4 – 21 June

Oh, the trials and tribulations of a four-day music festival.  It was outstanding thus far, and got even awesomer by the end of Sunday.

The hurricane cancellations made it so that legendary producer/DJ Steve Aoki was rescheduled for 2:30pm on one of the side stages.  There would have been no way on the face of the planet that I would have been able to see him at the original time, late on Saturday night, so this was a very cool turn of events.

I finally got to see a crowd get “CakeFace”d.

And it was outstanding.

My only disappointing musical artist appearance was Benjamin Booker, whom I had much higher hopes for.  It’s not that I don’t think a well placed swear word during a set is bad, but if you’re constantly cursing at the audience and you’re a professional, you need to do it right.  So I had to walk away from that stage and find solace in a better place…

That place was the Ben & Jerry’s stand where I combined my two loves, ice cream and live music while walking over to see Broods (who were great).

And not that I wasn’t into seeing Bastille, but their originals and this cover of TLC was very cool.

Finally, the artist I was most looking forward to was set to play on the stage that was the worst, in terms of mud to dirt/rock ratio.  I don’t understand the logic of how the organizers worked the Pavilion Stage, but they need to work on that for next year.

It was no secret that in addition to Gary Clark, Jr, Tove Lo was at the top of my list.  Not to brag, but I had a feeling her album “Queen Of The Clouds” was going to be big and I still think there’s more room for her to get even more popular. She opened with “That’s My Gun,” then went on to perform most of the record, including, “Not On Drugs.”

The crowd was super-pumped for the rest of the show.  Blasting thru “Stay High,”

A few other tracks led to these awesome moments from “Talking Body,” (which we’ve heard on the radio multiple times per day since the show…)

But this was my favorite moment from the entire four-day festival:

And that was that.

Awesome time… Best first music festival experience I could have had… Good & bad.