Summer Break, Makes Me Feel Fine

After Firefly, the rest of this summer so far has seemed to have simultaneously flew by and stood still.

It seems that we aren’t quite able to catch our breaths even though we are on holiday.  It’s not in a bad way, it’s exciting and awesome to be traveling the east coast and catching up with old friends, there’s just a lot of sorting out stuff that needed to/still needs to happen.

So, in keeping with that, let’s go as much as possible up to now to do what needs to be done…

Thank you to New York area rest stops for having these machines:

Kosher Snacks

Kosher Snacks

and to Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant in Clifton Park, NY for the linguistic assist.

Pancho's Food Guide

Pancho’s Food Guide

Finally arriving in Vermont to rejoin up with old Cayman friends, John & Mandy, we strolled around Winooski Falls and saw a rainbow, drank some good wine along with a nice chocolate truffle, went on a tour of Ben & Jerry’s, and tried to keep Vermont weird.

A few days later, we headed to Montreal, where fate decreed that we were to park in a spot, where parking is prohibited during the one hour of the one day per week that the city does street cleaning, Merci beaucoup.

At least the street trash was pretty.

Montreal street trash

Montreal street trash

Coming next, Poutine, Sangria, Charcuterie, Bagels and more…

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